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Welcome to the Hampshire PFI Lighting Portal

I have pleasure in welcoming you to this website developed especially for you, the residents of Hampshire, and I hope you find it helpful.

We have embarked on one of the biggest street lighting projects in Europe where we are replacing circa:
  • 78,000 Lighting Columns on a ‘One for One’ and new position basis
  • 51,000 Lanterns
  • 12,500 Illuminated signs, bollards beacons etc
Whilst maintaining a Total of 145,000 street lights.

During the installation phase we will be installing a new innovative idea called an CMS system. This is where we are able to manage the energy used by controlling light levels and switching times.  This also enables us to electrically detect faults which will result in a reduction in night scouting, more accurate fault reporting and most importantly improved service levels.

The project started on the 1st of April 2010, in Popley, Basingstoke and Lee-On-Solent, Gosport. To date we have carried out replacement work on 12,000 columns.
We would really like to hear from you with your views on how you think we are doing, so why not email us at

Your feedback is very important and it helps us monitor and improve the service we deliver for you.

I hope you visit us again soon.   
Dave Burrows
Project Manager, South Coast PFI

Report a faulty street light

Report a faulty street light
  • Easily report a faulty street light using our interactive maps here or contact us on 0300 555 1388


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